About Renew Sinai

Mount Sinai Hospital plays a vital role in Toronto’s health care system, and the community depends on our professionals to respond to medical emergencies, manage health challenges, provide compassionate care and improve outcomes for our patients. But our Toronto community is changing, growing and evolving each year. In order to deliver on our reputation as a place that heals, is on the forefront of innovation and discovers solutions for today’s biggest health challenges, we will need grow and change with it.

Through Renew Sinai, the largest and most ambitious redevelopment in Mount Sinai’s history, we are transforming our hospital to improve care for patients with cancer, undergoing life-saving surgery and requiring emergency care. Many of our most important facilities will be completely redesigned and rebuilt by the end of 2022.

We have accomplished so much, but there’s much more to do.

In earlier phases of Renew Sinai, we added six floors to Mount Sinai Hospital, creating modern facilities to support women through pregnancy and labour, improved how care is delivered to older patients and transformed how we care for our tiniest and most fragile babies.

We are now redeveloping more than 300,000 square feet of Mount Sinai, the equivalent of five football fields, all while continuing to deliver high-quality care during this transformation. In total, our redevelopment includes more than 140 distinct projects, many of which are taking place concurrently, and touching almost all of the hospital’s 20 floors.


image for timeline of Renew Sinai Projects Emergency Department Info Surgery and Operating Rooms Info Intensive Care Unit Info

Increasing in size to accommodate 82,000 patients visits/year

19 state-of-the-art operating rooms and 28 new inpatient rehab beds

Growing from 27 to 36 beds with dedicated family areas in all patient rooms

Renew Sinai Timeline
Renew Sinai Timeline

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Many of Mount Sinai’s spaces were built more than 40 years ago to care for only half the patients we see today. We are bursting at the seams. With continued rapid population growth in downtown Toronto and the GTA, there’s no end in sight to the rising demand for Mount Sinai’s world-class care.

The expansion and modernization of Mount Sinai’s facilities is essential if we are to meet this demand and provide state-of-the-art spaces that will better enable us to save lives, improve patient outcomes, and maximize the comfort of patients and their loved ones in their time of need.

As Mount Sinai approaches its 100th anniversary, one constant remains: it is our community of donors who power us into the future. We invite you to support our incredible institution and help Renew Sinai for the century ahead.

Richard Pilosof
Chair, Renew Sinai Campaign
Sinai Health Foundation

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 A photo of nurse in NICU